Monday, May 7, 2012

Newspaper Art Nails! Super easy! TOOOO flippin' cute, just HAD to share!

Ok, so I know that these have been getting to be really popular lately.  I stumbled across this young high school girl, who, yes, she talks a lot, lol but she's just too adorable, with her YouTube channel, reviews, cutesie stuff, I just HAD to share this video of her 'how to' on making newsprint/newspaper art nails, with WATER, not alcohol.

I've been seeing these with an adorable pink (light, even some brighter), and a baby or sky blue instead of white or light grey.  I hope that she doesn't mind that I shared this with you, I'm sure she'll love the link back love and new subscribers if ya'll are up for it.  Out of all the tutes on how to do this, I chose her's to share, because I have 2 teenage girls who are whizzes at putting stuff up on YouTube these days, lol and she just reminds me of them doing something that they love and think is cool!  kudos to her!  Good job! iluvjesse444 (dunno if that's her name, but that's her channel)


Melissa said...


She's as cute as can be.

Debbie Hewitt said...

Isn't she? I thought so too..I just HAD to share her with the world. Who knows, she may be an undiscovered journalist, up and coming. :) It looks like she's in college now, her vidoes are being done in what looks like a dorm room....kudos to her for being able to pull all of that off!

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