Saturday, October 29, 2011

Am I the only that's NOT in the Halloween mood???

Seriuosly.  I'm not the least bit in the mood to decorate or even HAVE Halloween this year.  The pumpkins I made and posted about below??? those are literally the ONLY  Halloween/Fall decorations that I have going on at my house right now, with the exception of some real pumplins and guourds outside.  Plus, with Halloween on a Monday this year, we can't fully install our haunted cemetery, because the girls have school the next day and the hubs has work and I have pt, which means we don't want to have to spend all night undecorating (we have old hags and 'insert not so nice name calling terms here' as neighbor, therefore our decoractions must be taken down the night of Halloween).  We already drive that 'insert expletive name calling terms here' neighbor crazy at Christmas, rofl.  We like to get the most of our outdoor lights, install them not so long after Thanksgiving and we turn them on every night up to New Year's Day, rofl  that old fart HATES us, rofl, but we have a blast annoying him, and he can't do anything about it...but Halloween?  he complains and then the city whines to us that he's wasting their time complaining...instead of them growing a 'set' and telling him to shut up, they say 'we'll talk to them about it.'  And if we don't do it, he continues to complain to them.  I finally said, 'am I breaking any ordinance?' they say ' no, but it's being an nuisance to the 'expletive' So WE say, 'if ain't in writing stating that we're breaking an ordinance, we ain't doin' it!' HA!! that'll learn him, lol.

what was I sayin???  oh, not in the Halloween mood...yeah, I'm not.  Am I the only one?  I just can't 'get' in the doesn't help that my kids are half turns 18 on Friday, the other turns 13 in 2 weeks, and they hate trick or treating.  The 13 yr old has refused to trick or treat since she was 8, and the oldest hasn't been since she was about 11 or so, they just don't like it.  They dress up still, but that wears off about an hour into Halloween night, lol and then they all go inside and leave me outside w/the fire pit and trick or treaters all by myself, while they sit inside watching scary or haunted movies, eating big bowls of my annual pot of chili...and I'm alone, outside, in the cold, in the dark, ughhhhhhhhhh.  Plus, my bestie and her boys always come up, and since they all have work and school the next day, so they don't get to come hang out  :(   so, with all this, I am just NOT in the mood for Halloween this year.  But, I'll wish that you all are, and that you have a safe, enjoyable Halloween fun night!!!


Melissa said...

Yes, I can relate.
My kids are also too old, and we don't even get trick-or-treater's here. Not sure why, since we live in a neighborhood.

I planned to dress up and enjoy the day anyway, decorated a little and got out my CD of Halloween type songs to play all day, and baked some treats. Planned to watch our (my) favorite movie, Halloweentown.

Turns out, my husband and oldest son are going to be working tomorrow night, and my middle son is going to his volunteer fire dept to hand out candy and be on call in case anything happens.
Leaving only me and my 17 year old son, who doesn't really care about hanging out with Mom, or watching a movie he's seen every year for as long as he can remember.

Oh well, I'll have fun by myself (or pretend I am anyway).

Sucks about your neighbor. I'd tell him when he paid my mortgage and taxes he could tell me what to do or not do on my own property, otherwise he can go sit on it! And I would put myself out to go as far as I could to tick him off (short of breaking any laws/codes).
They need to tell him you're not doing anything wrong and to stop harassing them.

Debbie Hewitt said...

Well, Melissa, I hope your Halloween went well, regardless of having fuddy-duddies around, lol. My oldest did dress up as 'death' as usual, & scared some kids & parents, it was a blast. Between me & my 'good' neighbor, we finally got the firepot to catch fire after about 2 hours of trying, lol. The youngest (13) went out 'scaring' kids in the 'hood. We have lots of candy & toys left over, as usual, & I didn't even buy that much.

The thing w/my neighbor, my 'city' is too chicken-shit to tell him that. Well, sometimes, here's the deal...a couple of years ago, he tried to say that my dogs were on his property, when they weren't, & he knew they weren't, cuz my bestie & I were outside w/them in the far corner (we have about an acre) of the property. He & his hag, I mean wife, were taking photos of us outside w/our dogs. The next day, the cops call my husband & explain his wife made a complaint that my dogs crossed his property line, & my hubs explained to them, 'um, no, here's the deal' Then the jerk & his hag, I mean wife, made no less than about 8-10 petty complaints against us to the City, and when they ALL turned out to be false, they sent him a letter stating if they made 1 more complaint about us, they would receive a letter from the City attorney w/a bill for the wasted time of city employees. Then we had OUR atty shoot him a letter stating that it was illegal to take my pics of me on my property w/out my permission, and to cease w/the harassment, making false petty complaints and such, and since then, actually, the prick, I mean 'old man neighbor' has reaped what he's sowed in his life, sadly, actually, because now his COPD is so bad that he's not well at all, and definitely not well enough to cause us too many problems (of course, it won't stop his hateful wife in the future, I'm sure)...and from what I understand, he's been a cruel human-hater all his cranky old life. It's sad, but when you cause so many problems with people in your life, strangers, loved ones (his son-in-law despises him), and you do it on purpose and because you think you are better than other people, and you judge them non-stop without even knowing them (he thinks I have an adult son because he saw my nephew helping my husband one day, and just decided to tell everyone in the subdivision that I have a son that has no father because I got preggars in high school, who refuses to live with me, probably because he doesnt' like my current husband, which he says is my girls' father (and he's not)...he's an idiot) to a negative level, then God's bound to let you know he's not happy with those choices. I doubt he realizes this at this point, and that's sad too.

And because of his choices, one being that last year he called the fire dept all those times because of my LEGAL fire pit, this year he was too sick to even get out of bed to care if I even HAD my fire pit burning...that's sad. No matter how much I dislike him, that's sad. He'd have caring neighbors around him helping out during his illness if he just would've been a nicer person. Why don't some people learn that sometimes the true person they are are the actual reasons why people do their best to stay away from them? They literally get NO VISITORS...NONE! his daughter and her 2 lil girls, that's it...all year! EVER! and I'm not exaggerating...isn't that sad?

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