Monday, July 19, 2010

My garden is in FULL your's???

My cucumbers are HUGE! seriously huge. I measured one at 15 inches long and my fingers couldn't wrap around it...THAT huge lol. My tomatoes, well, they're splitting from the heat, which is tickin' me off. I'm picking them as soon as they turn orange on the bottom and placing them in my window sill in an attempt to keep them from being out in the heat even longer; it's helping w/a few.
Oh, and I've removed THREE bird's nests from my cucumber tee pees...poor birdies. I know they want their nest, but the sprinkler will drown any babies that they have end up having, so I'm doing them a favor. I have several birdhouses installed in the big bush down by the garden, but I guess it's not enough, so I'll install some on the garden's corner posts.
My romaine lettuce went bitter before I could use it all, much of a waste. The green onions were used throughout the summer, and I now have a second bumper crop growing in the place of the lettuce and radishes that are now gone. The yellow onions, I harvested a few days ago and they are now laying on top, drying...unfortunately, it rained since and a few of them succumbed to'll be hot today, so I turned them in hopes to dry the rest out better.
But GOOD NEWS on my homefront, I now have my composter, whoooop whooop! and rain barrel. The hubs has been super busy doing other things and will be out of town for a week or so, so it's not been installed yet, ughhh, all that precious rain just going into the ground (but, the grass has needed it, so it's not a total waste). He'll get it going for me soon...buying it was half the battle, lol.
My melon bed is going full force! majorly! we can't WAIT until the cantelope is ready for picking. We'll have plenty. My elderly neighbor has staked his claim on a few, himself, lol...he's so cute...wants to talk 'garden' all the time. My basil garden has grown and bushed out gloriously...I'm growing 5 different basils that smell diVINE and 2 different problem is, I don't really know when it's time to harvest them or how...will do some research on that soon and share my findings.
ok, so that's the scoopi-di-doop on this end. Gonna post a few new pics in the next day or so of my cukes, my full grown garden, a 'new' iron bistro table and chair set that I found at a yard sale for only THREE BUCKS! and, of course, my large planter of lavender, and more! stay tuned!


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