Monday, February 27, 2012

A TON of FREE seed, plant, and garden catalogs!

This is a copy of a post that I posted on my Frugal Living site, but thought it was definitely worth the share on LC.

*If you want to print these seed packets above, you can access them (and others) and do so 
for FREE at The Graphics Fairy!

If you're a gardener, then you've probably already started getting your seed and plant catalogs delivered to you in the mail.  If not, or if you're a beginner or just want some FREE seed and plant catalogs, then now's the time to order them, because Spring planting is LITERALLY right around the corner!  I've got my window greenhouse all set up, trays are there (need to wash them tho, ugh).  I'm going through my seeds, seeing what I need to order, have checked WinterSown's tomato list to see what ones I want to order (you can get 6 varieties of rare, hard to find, tomato sees for FREE or more for a small donation).  I ordered from WinterSown last year and LOVE them, they're are GREAT seed traders!  Which reminds me that I have some bell pepper seeds I need to send them.   Anyhoo...I've been doing some checking, and there's actually a 2012 updated list of about 48 different seed/plant catalogs in this post, all for FREE!  Including the popular ones like Burpee, down to some more obscure catalogs that you've probably never heard about (and THOSE are the ones I LOVE to look at and dream of ordering from...ahhhhhh, sigh!).  Some are perennials, some are heirloom only (my fave!), some are trees and bushes, some are a huge mix of things.  NOTE:  There's a few on that list (which was NOT compiled by myself) that include NOT free catalogs, or they include downloadable catalogs...but just a few.  Make sure you look before submitting your form, but it's usually pretty obvious.  I know I requested at least 20 new catalogs from companies I've never heard of...I'm so hoping I'll find something AWESOME and new for me to grow!!  I LOVE growing rare veggies, hard to find seeds, and such!

Of course, always remember, if it asks where you heard about them, don't say a freebie site, they may not send your catalog, so just say a friend or Google, or something.

*UPDATE:  Since I done this post on T&F a couple of weeks ago, I've received catalogs from no less than 13 NEW companies that I've not heard of before, and I'm having a blast looking through them all.  Some have some great new things that I'm so DYING to try growing!!


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